Who we are

Not(ter) Your Average Education Consultancy .

About us

OtterEducation (formerly OtterELT) is the premier consultancy agency at the heart of the education sector. We combine academic & educational insights with cutting-edge strategies to provide tailored consultancy you can trust. 

Otter brings together all the components required for a successful, accessible and inclusive learning solution. We curate bespoke guidelines, carry out detailed audits and content reviews, and train content development teams to ensure their product is suitable and accessible for their end user. 

Our partnerships range from renowned publishers, cutting-edge EdTech companies, to educational institutions. Our team of experts from around the world consult and train teams on an array of educational projects. 

Some of our recent clients include: 

  • English with Lucy
  • Penguin Random House 
  • Macmillan 
  • FlashAcademy 
  • Flowchase 
  • Delta Publishing
  • York Press 
  • Prosperity Education
  • DLA

Our mission

At OtterEducation, our mission is to craft innovative educational solutions that empower learners, educators, and institutions, making quality education accessible and engaging for all. That’s why we offer expert consultancy services focused on:

Digital Accessibility. We strive to ensure that every platform is intuitive, purposeful and inclusive, catering to the diverse needs of all users.

Inclusion & Representation. At OtterEducation, we champion diversity. We believe in crafting content that resonates with and represents the global community of learners.

AI. We deliver solutions for optimising educational content and processes using AI. 

Tailored Guidelines. Recognising that each organisation has its unique ethos and needs, we deliver bespoke guidelines to ensure that educational content is aligned with specific institutional values and goals including accessibility, DEI and individual house style guides. 

Trainings & Workshops. We provide bespoke, practical training and workshops on Accessibility (print & digital), DEI and AI, for content development teams and leaders in the educational space. The sessions are designed to introduce best practices which can be implemented into products and teams long into the future. 

Our vision

OtterEducation aims to become a globally recognised leader in educational consultancy, renowned for our innovative solutions, unwavering commitment to quality and accessibility, and transformative impact on the education sector. We aspire to be the go-to partner for educational publishers and organisations seeking expertise in print-to-digital transformation, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), accessibility, and beyond.

At OtterEducation, we envision a future where every learner has access to high-quality, inclusive, and engaging educational materials that meet their diverse needs and learning styles. We are dedicated to driving positive change in the education landscape, empowering educators, publishers, and learners alike to reach their full potential through our tailored consultancy services.

Our values

At OtterEducation, we believe in the power of collaboration. We believe that by merging our expertise with the unique insights and perspectives of our partners, we can create unparalleled educational experiences for all learners.

Our values:

Impact: Our ultimate goal is to make a meaningful and lasting impact on education worldwide. Whether it’s enhancing learning outcomes, promoting diversity and inclusion, or improving accessibility, we are committed to driving positive change and empowering learners of all backgrounds.

Collaboration: We believe in the collective power of partnerships. By forging strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, stakeholders, and industry partners, we aim to co-create solutions that drive mutual success and advance the collective goal of improving education globally.

Innovation: We constantly seek unique ways to enrich the learning experience; leveraging emerging technologies, research-driven insights, and best practices to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the education sector.

Empowerment: We are passionate about empowering educators, publishers, and learners to thrive in an ever-changing educational landscape. We champion diversity and strive to make education a shared journey for all.


You can find out more about OtterEducation’s policies and values here:

Accessibility Policy

DEI Policy

Sustainability Policy

Privacy Policy


Managing Director 

Billie is the Managing Director of Otter Education. She has been in the education industry for over 16 years as a teacher, writer, trainer & consultant, specialising in digital & assessment. She has written a number of various well-known titles for a variety of publishers, and regularly travels the globe giving international training sessions & talks. 


Accessibility Specialist 

Laura is an expert accessibility consultant and writer. She has written a number of well-known student books, specialist resources for special educational needs (SEN) and digitally accessible materials. She has been teaching SEN students and working as a speech and language therapist assistant with charities and schools for over 6 years.


Psychometrics Specialist 

Eren has M.Sc & Ph.D degrees in Educational Measurement and Evaluation. His expertise includes test development and statistical data analysis, and has developed  tests & scales under Classical Test Theory & Item Response Theory in linear and Computerized Adaptive Test formats. He is the developer of a catIRT tool that helps researchers conduct CAT simulations and IRT calibrations. He is a board member of the Association for Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Psychology, and a researcher and lecturer.


Social Media Manager 

Charlie has extensive experience of social media, building a community of over 11k teachers on YouTube and 22k on Tik Tok on his own channels. He is also a DELTA qualified Director of Studies at a leading language school in Spain.