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Strategies & Integrations

We provide strategies and solutions for:

  • fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within educational materials and organisations.

  • making educational content accessible to all.

  • AI integration for optimising educational content and processes.
  • AI automation for enhanced team productivity.

Digital Editorial Support

We assess and optimise educational content for a variety of purposes, including quality and effectiveness, print & digital accessibility, and diversity & inclusion.

We also offer an end-to-end solution for digital editorial projects, including project management, authoring and editing.


We guide you in transitioning print projects into digital formats, ensuring seamless delivery from conceptualisation to successful adaptation.

We prioritise user experience (UX) to ensure your digital materials are intuitive, user-friendly, and in bite-sized learning chunks.

Tailored Guidelines

We specialise in producing bespoke guidelines for your organisation, whatever your need.

Our tailored guidelines range from content style guides to AI use policies, to DEI guidelines & accessibility guidelines.

Ottter Education Content reviews

Trainings & Workshops

Our practical trainings & workshops are led by experts who build the confidence & knowledge of your team, enabling them to implement best practices and improve the quality and impact of your educational products and services.

We provide sessions on a range of topics, including DEI, Accessibility, Assessment & AI integration.

Otter Education Consulting experts

Psychometrics for Assessment

Our teams of academic experts offer psychometric testing and assessment expertise to enhance evaluation methods and build bespoke adaptive models for your educational product. We can also provide IRT modelling and roadmaps for adaptive assessments to suit your requirements.

Market & Product Research

Our specialist team conducts market research to identify emerging trends, student needs, and competitor strategies.

We gather data, analyse market dynamics, and provide actionable insights to inform your product development.

Our Consulting Services What can we provide?

Digital Transformation

Digital product development, print to digital transformation & platform ingestion

Digital Editorial Solutions

End-to-end educational content development, project management, specialist digital authoring and editing

AI Strategy & Implementation

Guidance on automating processes with AI, AI product-implementation & use policies

Tailored Guidelines

Bespoke guidelines to standardise projects & align teams on DEI, accessibility, editorial style & AI


Team training, staff upskilling & practical implementation of tailored guidelines


Assessment design, psychometrics, IRT modelling & item Development
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