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Accessibility & DEI Content Review, Training & On-Demand Support

Project Summary

The client requested a comprehensive accessibility and DEI review of a digital course, prioritising inclusivity and accessibility for all users. 

The client also required tailored accessibility and DEI guidelines for both editorial and video creation teams to adhere to in the creation of all future content. 

Following the client’s initial request, the client then required training sessions for their in-house team, focusing on practical implementation of DEI and accessibility best practices, as outlined in the guidelines. Additionally, they sought ongoing support to advise on DEI and accessibility-related queries during content updates.

How We Delivered

Our dedicated accessibility team engaged with users requiring additional support to ensure we provided an accurate and detailed analysis of the existing online course. Simultaneously, our DEI and accessibility experts meticulously reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated the course against industry-leading standards. This involved grading content based on specific criteria and prioritising areas needing attention.

We then developed tailored DEI and accessibility guidelines, utilising examples from the course content for practical application. The Otter team then presented the reviews and guidelines to the client, fostering open discussion and addressing questions about the analysis.

In response, the client requested two tailored workshops for their editorial, video, and design teams. Otter delivered these sessions, equipping the teams with practical strategies to implement the guidelines effectively and deepen their understanding of DEI and accessibility best practices.

We continue to work with this client by providing on-demand, 24/7 accessibility and DEI support via our dedicated Slack channel.

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