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Accessibility guidelines to conform to WCAG

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Project Summary

The client was looking for support with the preparation of guidelines for print and digital accessibility. The client wanted to develop a list of accessibility guidelines which are applicable to all of their courses, including Social Studies, Geography, History and ICT.

How We Delivered

Our team of expert accessibility consultants analysed the existing course content for a variety of subjects in the York Press catalogue. 

We then broke down the courses into accessibility categories that needed to be considered, in accordance with WCAG

Our team looked for examples of accessibility best practices in the York Press materials, to use as the basis for the customised editorial and design guidelines. 

We then looked for ways in which the existing content could be improved in accordance with WCAG guidelines. Some examples were colour contrast ratios, fonts, instructions and page layout. 

This research was compiled in order to create in-depth, personalised guidelines, to deliver to York Press.

Expertise on Project

Accessibility Support
Editorial Guidelines
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Editorial Support
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