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Developed EAL assessment framework, IRT model & marking criteria

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Project Summary

The client required significant updates to their existing assessment to align it to a developed framework and marking criteria. The client required an in-depth exploration of strategies to enhance the user experience through redevelopment or replacement of its existing assessment. The client wanted to look into the viability of establishing their own proprietary item response theory model to ensure the assessment was valid and reliable in its adaptivity and pathway.

How We Delivered

Our expert team conducted comprehensive market research by engaging with schools currently utilising the assessment. Through focus groups and interviews with teachers, academic heads and student liaison officers, we gathered valuable insights to deliver to the client.

We then collated and analysed the data before delivering actionable recommendations to the client. These recommendations were informed by assessment best practices, academic research and user feedback. 

In phase 2 of the project, we developed an assessement framework, ensuring clarity in structure and optimizing the user journey and experience of the test. Concurrently, we honed the item response theory which formed the basis of the assessment, innovatively designing an adaptive, multi-level and age-spanning assessment model.

    Expertise on Project

    Market Research & Test Development
    Editorial Support
    Content Review
    Assessment Psychometrics
    IRT Modelling
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